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SIFT INC. is the first company dedicated to Computer Forensics and Information Security in the Eastern Caribbean. We attract smart CEOs, business owners, and decision makers to our specialised services because we provide the best in Computer Forensic and Information Security practices across the region.

Information Security Assessments

Your Data is your world. We know that because it is ours too. We help our clients to manage the Risks of everything that revolves around it to ensure PEACE of Mind and a good nights sleep!

Digital Investigations

You have a requirement that involves the data collection, preservation and analysis of varied datasets stored in places like PCs, Macs, Tablets, Smartphones, Smart-Watches, The Cloud or even a Drone? How about expert witness testimony in court or an administrative hearing?  

When Can we Start!? 

Security as a service

Small Company with a low budget working with Big ideas, and even Bigger Data? At SIFT INC. we have leveled the playing field by offering our dedicated Information Security expertise as an affordable and flexible service.  Your Objectives + Our Passion =  Long Term Business Assurance.

AWAReness training

Your Users can't resist clicking on fake links and being scammed by phishing emails?

 Real behavioural change over time. That is what your employees need and that is what we provide. Let us help you to secure your last line of defense today. 

Incident Response

Okay, something happened in your environment and you are not sure who, when, what or where? Don't panic. Our Clients TRUST us to get to the bottom of every information security event or incident. Especially when time is of the essence!


"My data is gone! :( " Or is it?  We love to see our client's frowns turn into smiles :) after all of their invaluable data has been recovered and Restored.  Everyone Deserves a SECOND CHANCE


Need a trusted solution that takes care of your backup needs and is tailored specifically for you? We would LOVE to help you with this because we make Data Preservation our Business!

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Are you a progressive I.T. Company looking to expand your portfolio and increase service value to your clients?  



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