Lost important Data and don't know where to turn? We Can Help! No matter the device or the problem, we have a 90+% track record of successful data recovery cases. So don't worry, BE HAPPY!

1. Stop.

2. Take a deep breath.

3. Contact us!

4. Relaaaaaaaaax.....

Lost Data? Not anymore....

SIFT INC. has been providing state-of-the-art data recovery support services to clients across the region for almost a decade.  We provide a complete data recovery service for practically anyone who has lost data. Our clients include, home users, entrepreneurs, Financial Institutions, Hotels, Photographers, Media Houses, Government Departments and International Organisations just to name a few.

We offer a Risk Free 24hr diagnostic service to our clients and a no-obligation quote to recover the data. If you choose not to proceed then we just return your device to you and we don't ask you for a thing!

If you have lost data, then it is important to not do anything that puts your information at risk i.e. trying the DIY methods floating around on the "interwebs" , or asking an untrained I.T. technician to poke around your equipment. These decisions often lead to further damage that might completely compromise any recovery efforts. 

Hard Drive Recovery

We recover data from any model and make of Hard Drive. Our experienced technicians handle hard drives with all types of failures, complexities and encryption levels.

SSD Data Recovery

Recovering data from an SSD device is often an extremely complex process. At SIFT INC. we have routinely recovered data from SSD devices through the use of chip-off recovery techniques.

Flash Memory Recovery

Damaged Flash Drive? Our recovery experts will retrieve data from your corrupted device at a reasonable price.

RAID Data Recovery

You have a RAID  Configuration that has suddenly become inaccessible?  No Problem! Our RAID specialists have recovered data from the most complicated situations. Call Us!