Computer Forensics

Don't compromise the integrity of your investigation! Let our trained and experienced Computer Forensic Investigators handle your Data Collection and Forensic Analysis needs.

Mobile Device Forensics

Preserving and analyzing data stored on mobile devices is a must for digital investigators in today's high-tech world. Our Mobile team has the knowledge, experience  and tools to gather data from over 26.000 Mobile Device Profiles.

Expert Witness Testimony

If it is serious enough for court then it is serious enough for us! Our industry experts have successfully presented evidence in serious administrative hearings. Leave everything to us. You are in good hands.

Legal Support Services

Need a trained professional to carry out digital forensic duties for your case? Our investigators have been appointed as independent computer forensic investigators by the High Court of Barbados on numerous occasions and have carried out search and seizure operations which fulfill Anton Piller Orders.


You have a requirement that involves the data collection, preservation and analysis of varied datasets stored in places like PCs, Macs, Tablets, Smartphones, Smart-Watches, The Cloud or even a Drone? How about expert witness testimony in court or an administrative hearing?  

When Can we Start!? 

You can trust us with your data.

Digital Evidence can be a goldmine in any case. Whether trying to support an employee misconduct charge by analysing user activity or determining how a ransomware incident occurred on a company network, gathering this information is crucial and might be the difference in closing your case. Where organisations often falter is that they attempt to gather this information on their own without intimate knowledge of the tools and techniques needed to first preserve the integrity of the original evidence.  This is a complete "No-No" and will likely create data-spoilage due to untrained investigators utilising inadequate tools, as well as cause any evidence gathered to be invalid simply because it cannot be verified by a court or administrative body. To avoid this costly error from happening, simply  CONTACT US!

SIFT INC. has been conducting digital investigations in the Caribbean Region for nearly a decade. Although our staff and partners are all professionally qualified in the field of forensics and Information Security (EnCE, CISM, CEH and more) we know that most investigations call for more than certification. We spend hours in the field investigating cyber-criminal activity and even more time reviewing our tools and techniques to ensure that we always have what each case requires in an ever-changing digital landscape.