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Both small businesses and major corporations are utilizing technology to manage their most prized asset, information. SIFT INC. understands these processes and will work with your business to establish an Information Security Management System derived from the international standard IS027001. This will identify your key information assets, analyze the possible vulnerabilities to their existing threats, hence provide an overall risk assessment. This information is invaluable to your company as then you will know where your major informational risks lie and can implement necessary controls to reduce those risks.

The SIFT INC. team provides expertise and analysis to help you improve your security posture, facilitate compliance and improve operational efficiency. With experience in developing Information Security Management Systems following the priniciple guidelines of the ISO27001 standard, our security professionals have the knowledge to prepare you for a favourable examination of your IT Controls.

At SIFT INC. we do not sell security products nor or we affiliated with any security vendor. This a part of our mandate, and assures our clients that all observations, analysis and recommendations are completely vendor neutral and are solely based on the information security needs and objectives of your company.


Let SIFT INC. align your information security needs with your business objectives today.